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Which Cryptocurrency to Buy

Cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular in 2017 and this trend only continues to grow in 2018. With more and more people coming to the market, most beginners have difficulties deciding in which cryptocurrency they should put their money in 2018.

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies make them a risky option to buy into if you are not completely sure what you are investing in, but with the right knowledge, cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative. In this article, we will talk about the best cryptocurrencies you should think about investing in right now.


Despite declining in value over the last 6 months Bitcoin is still by far the best option to invest in if you’re looking to get into the crypto market, as Cryptocurrency expert predictions say that Bitcoin can grow up to $250,00 by the end of the year.

All of this aside, it is one of the most stable currencies, with a market cap of $169 billion Dollars, holding 40% of the cryptocurrency market by itself. Even though the initial opportunity to invest in Bitcoin has long-gone, the sheer value and popularity of this currency make it a premier choice for long-term investors.


Since the end of 2017, Ethereum has achieved a stable growth with no signs of stopping. On first glance, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a currency that is peaking, though the Ethereum situation differs.

Professional predictions say that the price of Ethereum will nearly double its value in the near future and potentially reach $2000 by December 2018. This will happen thanks to the advanced project structure of Ethereum.

Since it is not just a digital currency, but a blockchain platform that allows users to create their own cryptocurrencies, Ethereum can be a special and very valuable investment to look into.


Even though Ripple is light years away from Bitcoin in terms of market value, it is still the third largest cryptocurrency, market cap wise. It was one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in 2017, with a recorded growth of more than 35,000%.

Though its value decreased a bit at the end of 2017, it holds a bright future in the financial industry. Like Ethereum, Ripple is not just a cryptocurrency but has additional value tied to it.

It is a very reliable payment method that allows secure and private international payments. Ripple allows you to make international payments in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise take 2-5 days.