What do you know about Rarebits?

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What do you know about Rarebits?

2018-05-18 Crypto Currency News 0
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Rarebits uses cryptocurrency to buy and sell digital goods.

-Buying collectibles you own can be bought in Rarebits with the help of blockchain technology
-Co founders of Rarebits used to work in the popular Facebook game, Farmville
-Rarebits is a San Francisco based company

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Farmville is a game that enables users to grow digital crops and virtual soil. It had 80 million users and used Farm Cash for purchasing products

Farm Cash was a system wherein people can trade real money for digital animals and farm decor.The idea of using real money to buy digital items is the theory of Rarebits

Rarebits is an online market that deals with digital collectibles. Daniel Lee is the co-founder of Rarebits

Daniel Lee said that  as the arrival of blockchain technology, there will be a shift the way the people consider virtual possession. In the past, selling of digital goods has been one way wherein the developer had the chance of running away with the digital good

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