What Is KIN and What Role Does it Play in Cryptocurrecy and Bitcoin Markets?

What did this 22 year old gave to cryptocurrency world?

Like any other people, Dominik Schiener, have his own failures but this did not stop him from pursuing his ambition.

-Dominik Schiener is living in Berlin since 2016
-Dominik Schiener has lost a huge amount of euros back in 2013/2014 after he attempts to set up a digital currency platform
-He established IOTA in 2015

Dominik Schiener, while in Germany has made contacts to different people, who are now involved in development of IOTA. IOTA has a market capitalization of $5B.

Many people sees IOTA as a German cryptocurrency. Dominik Schiener aims to change the belief of people that IOTA is a German cryptocurrency.

There are approximately 50 people who works in IOTA. Workers have been paid using IOTA tokens. There are IOTA offices being set up in other parts of the world

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