What Is Blockchain Adoption?

What are the effects if we have no bitcoin to mine?

Bitcoin is one of the best known and oldest cryptocurrency.

– Last April 2018, 17 millionths BTC was mined
– There are only four mln tokens needed before we reach BTC cap
– The blockchain code of Bitcoin makes mining more difficulty

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The reason why it is hard to mine in Bitcoin because many miners have joined. If there will be no changes, 122 years from today, Bitcoin cap might be 2140

The total number of Bitcoins has increased as years passed by. There will be more than a century before the last Bitcoin is made

It will take 9 years to mine 80% of Bitcoin available. When Bitcoin’s 21 mln cap is hit, there will be no BTC rewards to mine

Transactions need to be legitimized and stored in blockchain so that miners will benefit from transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions need to be prepared by the network in order for transaction fee to be identified for a specific transaction

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