cryptocurrency friendly countries

What are the cryptocurrency friendly countries?

Because of continuous development of cryptocurrency technology, they can be mined anywhere around the world.

-Even though cryptocurrency is available globally, not all countries are friendly in terms of cryptocurrency.
-There are countries are pushing through the use of digital cash.
-There are countries that are planning to launch their own cryptocurrency business.

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There are seven countries that are open to cryptocurrency related transactions. Japan takes a lead in supporting cryptocurrency transactions.

Japan is way ahead of China in terms of cryptocurrency related activities. There is an association formed in Japan that works on guidelines that will legalize initial coin offerings

The association is named ICO Business Research Group. The association aims to continue cryptocurrency exchanges while giving the government transparency in these activities.

An oil riched country has undergone controversy after it developed its own cryptocurrency last February. Petro has raised more than $5B on its first month of sale, according to the country President

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