What Are CryptoMiso's Top Ten Cryptocurrency Projects?

What Are CryptoMiso’s Top Ten Cryptocurrency Projects?

CryptoMiso has released its top ten Cryptocurrency Projects based on its commits on Github

-This ranking released by CryptoMiso is based on the Cryptocurrency Projects’ activities in the past   six months
-Commits track the level of developer’s activity on Github
Commits are used to measure the value of cryptocurrencies

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The top five cryptocurrency projects based on its commits on Github is Komodo, Lisk, EOS, Nuls and,  Tron. The highest cryptocurrency project based on its commits on Github is Komodo, having 3,314 commits in the past six months.

Komodo has a market capitalization of $438million with a 24 hour volume of $4.11million. KMD is the token of Komodo. KMD has a total supply of 200 million tokens.

Including in the top 10 is Ox, a  cryptocurrency project that aims to reduce fees in terms of cryptocurrency trading. DarpalRating is another service that captures developers activities on cryptocurrency projects.

DarpalRating uses four criteria to rank cryptocurrency project. The four criteria used by DarpalRating are popularity, number of contributors, release frequency and type and number of commits

The top five cryptocurrency projects in DarpalRating includes EOS, Lisk, Particl, Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum

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