Cryptocurrency Investors Hold Protest In India

Venezuela Dodges US Crypto Sanction… Find Out How!

A Russian bank may have just assisted Venezuela to dodge cryptocurrency sanctions imposed by the United States.

– The United States has an on-going campaign to hinder the digital currency from propagating.
– Evrofinance Mosnarbank is a Russian bank that is known to have no problem defying US cryptocurrency policies.
– Many investors take interest in going to this bank in Moscow.

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Many investors – both new and old – are earning interest in visiting a small bank in Moscow, Russia, Evrofinance Mosnarbank, which is well-known to have the guts to defy the United States campaign against cryptocurrency.

The biggest shareholders of this small bank compose of President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government and another is a Russian company who happens to be under U.S. sanctions.

Joshua Goodman has full details in this Fox News article.