Venezuela Closes Two Cryptocurrency Exchange Companies

Venezuela started a program called “Operation Paper Hands” which, this week, resulted in the removal of Airtm, Rapidcambio and Intercash, which are remittance houses.

– The operation also shut down 2 cryptocurrency operators for illegal exchange remittances.
– This procedure is the largest anti-litigation effort in the history of the country.
– Airtm and Rapidcambio are the two companies allowing cryptocurrency exchanges.

These companies and the individuals behind them have been arrested because they have incurred misappropriations and have not told the truth about their exchange rates.

Airtm has been supporting tether, dogecoin, monero, litecoin, ripple, ether, bitcoin cash, bitcoin and zcash.

Rapidcambio has been allowing customers to send remittances and exchange bolivars with such cryptocurrencies as ripple, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dash, ether and bitcoin.

Rapidcambio has now recently been shut down and posted a notice in their website.

In the website, the company stated that they have “always demonstrated its responsibility, honesty, seriousness and a true commitment to providing a service to all Venezuelans who are abroad.”

In addition, the company claimed they had to shutdown because of the unfair persecution from the national government.

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