United States: Ethereum Supporter or Detractor?

United States: Ethereum Supporter or Detractor?

The United States is being pressured to make a decision, as soon as possible on whether or not they support Ethereum.

– Brian Quintenz declared that they are in need of a decision soon from the US federal agency.
– The United States needs to officially declare their stand regarding Ethereum.
– The clarification and the stand of United States are essential for the market’s status to be established.

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There is a pressure around the United States federal agency, that waits for it to announce its stand about cryptocurrency. With the agency giving no endorsement or bad reviews; still, many people are questioning if they are for or against the cryptocurrency digital marketplace.

Many important people from the trading industry are urging to list the possible derivatives that are consequently involved with the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency market.

It may not be a final decision yet, but so far, Brian Quintenz, a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has declared last Monday that the trading market has been expressing great interest in listing Ethereum derivatives.

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