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Unicef Gets Funds for Refugees Through Cryptocurrency Mining

In an original approach, UNICEF has asked people to donate processing power from their computers to mine cryptocurrency and use this to help the refugees.

– Mining in cryptocurrency is actually letting computers solve math problems to gain rewards
– The first to solve these problems gets to update the blockchain and gets digital coins in exchange.
– This relatively new technology is used by UNICEF to raise humanitarian crises awareness.

Unicef Australia is letting people donate 20 to 80 percent of their computing power so they can mine cryptocurrency called Monero, a bitcoin rival.

All the funds obtained from the mining will go to the victims of the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.

Those who are interested need to stay on the crypto mining website called The Hopepage, which uses the computing power from the browser to mine.

The cryptocurrency obtained from mining will then be donated to Unicef Australia, which is then converted to real cash to buy vaccines, food, safe water, and other lifesaving products.

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