Can You Buy A House Using Cryptocurrency?

What Are The Threats Posed By Cryptocurrency?

Many CEOs from different companies claim that cryptocurrency poses a great threat to the economy, and must be regulated.

– Chief Executive Officers from different firms are in fear of the dangers that cryptocurrency may bring the market.
– An alarm was set off at the banking industry as cryptocurrency was believed to soon cause a threat in the economy.
– CEOs from different firms demand tighter regulations and control for cryptocurrency market.

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The fact that cryptocurrency actually originated in underground business, ran by nerd and criminals, the possibility of hacks and scandals will always be there. CEOs from various financial institutions have called out for stricter regulation of cryptocurrency, as it poses threat, they claim.

Chief Executive Officers Adena Friedman of Nasdaq Inc. and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America Corp. are the two CEOs who strongly want the digital market to be observed keenly for possible criminal movements, which can threaten the money industry.

The Wall Street market has divided decision as to whether they are in support or against the trading platform.

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