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Cryptocurrency’s SoPay Is Launching A Crowdfunding

SoPay is a cryptocurrency payment platform service provider.

– SoPay is launching a crowdfunding on the Leekico platform.
– The project by SoPay aims to create fast, private, and user-friendly digital currency payment method.
– A much-awaited token sale will happen this May 29-Jun 3.
– Financial industry experts are estimating to collect a total of 10, 000 ETH during the sale.

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SoPay is the digital currency payment center that is very similar to Alipay. It is an Australian-based company that targets to create a fast, private, and user-friendly payment center for digital market investors.

The App is very safe and users can do multiple types of transactions like recharge, transfer, and withdraw their assets, all needing an approval with the use of their 6-digit password.

Within seconds, the user’s transactions can be validated and approved. Users can also incorporate the last 4 digits of their phone number for added security measures.

SoPay will be launching a crowdfunding campaign together with Leekico, to help boost their customer satisfaction.

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