Is Cryptocurrency Interest In Small Towns Mining?

Is Cryptocurrency Interest In Small Towns Mining?

One of the fastest growing online trading, Cryptocurrency, just made a lot of mining promises to small town folks.

– Big time miners from cryptocurrency made huge promises to small town folks.
– A small town on the northernmost border of New York, Massena, is the new target for bitcoin miners.
– The decision is abrupt and discussions of finalizing it are still currently ongoing.

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The town supervisor of Massena, Steven O’Shaughnessy was more than excited when he heard that his small town is being eyed by big-time cryptocurrency miners.

Although their town is not new to huge companies operating within their area. Companies like Alcoa, aluminum production giant, has been nesting in Massena since 1900s.

One of the main reasons these huge companies are heading north to settle in Massena is because of the abundant power surge in the said area. Being new a hydropower dam, the St. Lawrence River, it makes the electricity in the area very reliable.

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