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What Are The Most Common Slang Words in Cryptocurrency?

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are certain slang words that you need to be familiar with to truly sound like an expert.

– Cryptocurrency has become quite popular these past days.
– Talking about cryptocurrency requires lots of jargon and knowing certain acronyms.
– The following are a list of common slang words used.

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HODL actually began as a typo by a fan posting in an official message board, saying “I AM HODLING” when he meant holding.

Now, HODL is given a meaning “hold on for dear life,” which means you’re not selling when the price of bitcoin falls.

To the Moon is another popular cryptocurrency phrase which means that prices are shooting off the charts.

When Lambo is another phrase which is short for “when are you going to buy a new Lamborghini?”

When Lambo refers to when someone gets rich due to cryptocurrency.

Hyperbitcoinization refers to the ideal scenario for bitcoiners; regular money is devalued and replaced by cryptocurrency.

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