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Is Silicon Valley Pro Or Con Cryptocurrency Market?

Popular Electronics Industry, Silicon Valley, has been known for being updated with the latest in the economy, and everyone is wondering where it stands with the cryptocurrency market.

– Silicon Valley is very much interested in getting into Bitcoin.
– Amidst its interest in the cryptocurrency market, it wants to keep Washington out of the picture.
– Venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz is against the regulation.

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San Francisco-based electronics industry, Silicon Valley, has declared a huge interest in joining the cryptocurrency market, amidst the volatility of assets in the digital trading.

However, Silicon Valley also wants to make it clear that it wants Washington out of the picture. The regulation is strongly opposed by Andreessen Horowitz and many other investors of the digital-currency firm.

To avoid slower growth in the coin value, Silicon Valley backers of cryptocurrency markets have sought the wide exemption from federal responsibilities; since the digital trading, the industry is being lobbied by government policies as of the moment.

Gabriel T. Rubin and Dave Michaels have the full details here – https://www.wsj.com/articles/asia.