Cryptocurrency App: Funds Drained To Zero Due To Cyber Hacking?

What’s The Security Measure For Logging-In Your Cryptocurrency Account?

With all these reports of hacks and frauds on cryptocurrency being reported, you wonder how the security measures are in this trading platform.

– When cryptocurrency started, an email address and password were needed to get access your account.
– Cryptocurrency exchange account verification has been constantly evolving over the past months.
– For some users, cryptocurrency account verification procedure is getting weirder than ever.

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Investors have different opinions regarding the account verification for cryptocurrency sites. Other are okay with it, some actually like it, and there are those who think it’s just getting weirder than ever.

When cryptocurrency just started, all it took was an email address and the correct password to get in your account. However, because of recent hackings and frauds within the system, cryptocurrency made it a point to step up their game in the authentication or use verification department.

After all, their close competition, Binance, are doing exactly the same with its “fit the puzzle” log-in requirement.

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