Top Countries Inititate Cryptocurrency Scams Investigation

Top Countries Inititate Cryptocurrency Scams Investigation

Cryptocurrency scams are now being investigated, led by two powerful countries, the United States and Canada.

– The operation is called “Operation Cryptosweep”.
– It is one of the largest and coordinated law-enforcing movement of joint-force U.S.A and Canada.
– The task force was conceived in April 2018.

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For the safety and improved confidence of their citizens who are trading in cryptocurrency, both the United States and Canadian Regulators are keeping a close watch at the cryptocurrency scams. The investigation has been going on since April 2018.

With over 40 members of the jurisdiction committees all over North America, the task force has so far conducted almost 70 inquiries and investigations regarding cryptocurrency scams, and with a remarkable 35 cases which are either pending or already completed.

One of the main goals of “CrytoSweep” is to raise public awareness of the real risks involved when investing in a highly-volatile digital currency trading market like cryptocurrency.

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