How's The Privacy Policy In Cryptocurrency Trading?

How’s The Privacy Policy In Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency Gemini users can now be confident when trading inside the digital market since Gemini has started boosting their privacy policy.

– The first-ever privacy coin is Zcash.
– Gemini has confirmed that they are supporting Zcash.
– Privacy policies were reviewed to allow more confidence in their investors.

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Cryptocurrency Gemini has announced that they are going to have support for Zcash, which is the first privacy coin that has earned a fiat-trade on America’s exchange platform.

Just last Monday, May 14, the official statement was released, and operations are expected to begin on May 19.

As for privacy measures, Zcash uses not just one address, but two! One is shielded and the other is unshielded. This will allow better anonymity for their users. Crypto Gemini has announced that they will accept deposits from either address.

This is a significant action since many users really value privacy. This may just even invite more and more investors to join the trading platform since they are not guaranteed better discretion.

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