Bitcoin Prices Are Dropping?

Bitcoin Prices Are Dropping?

The Federal Agency has been investigating Bitcoin for suspected price manipulation.

– The investigation against cryptocurrency has been attacking them from left to right.
– Currently, one of the issues being faced by the digital market platform is the suspicion of price manipulation.
– Bitcoin’s price dropped to almost 4% on Thursday morning.

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Price manipulation: This is one of the heaviest and most serious accusations thrown at cryptocurrency over the recent months. The United States Federal Agency has an ongoing investigation into this, and Bitcoin’s defense doesn’t seem to look so good.

Amidst these rumors and speculation, Bitcoin’s asset values seem to drop by almost 4%. This is a rumor-busting news, because if prices were really being manipulated, then why the sudden drop, right?

Still, they are pursuing their investigations and it is primarily focused on possible tricks of some investors by flooding the market with fake orders or better known as spoofing.

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