Positive Aspects Of Cryptocurrency

What Could Be The Positive Aspects Of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, just like any other digital trends has its own ups and downs.

-As different downsides of Cryptocurrency emerge nowadays, a South Korean Financial Regulator has noted the positive side of Cryptocurrency
-South Korean government officials have been banned to trade and hold cryptocurrencies
-South Korean Finance Minister denies all out crypto ban in the country

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Yoon Suk-heun is the new head of South Korean Financial Regulator. He stated that there are lots of issues about cryptocurrency that needs to be addressed.

UpBit is a South Korean Cryptocurrency exchange company. UpBit does not oppose regulations in cryptocurrency.

UpBit Spokesperson has told the press that cryptocurrency market could not be killed even if there are regulations. The South Korea Finance Supervisory Service will work on cryptocurrency related issues

The country has banned non-resident foreigners and South Korean citizens under 18 from trading cryptocurrencies. After regulation in cryptocurrency trading, transactions have collapsed from 4 trillion won to 400 billion won.

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