Cryptocurrency Plummets: $45 Billion In Just One Week!

Cryptocurrency Plummets: $45 Billion In Just One Week!

How much did you invest in cryptocurrency recently? Are you sure the funds are still safe… and stable?

– In a span of one week, cryptocurrency funds have dropped to an enormous $45 Billion.
– Last week was supposed to be a week of bouncing back from last year’s end-of-year dismays.
– Cryptocurrency is having a bad start of the year 2018.

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No matter the efforts, cryptocurrency has seen its share of mischiefs over the past few months, and the lowest plunge it took was probably last week when $45 billions worth of wealth went down the drain. This sad news is amidst all the endorsements from celebrities (i.e Snoop Dogg), and the yacht party and Lamborghini show.

According to predictions, this week’s downfall could just be far more than what was expected and the damage could be unpleasant. However, many still believe in the resilience of the digital market, and still, vouch for it to rebound at any given time in the next few months or so.

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