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What’s The Status Blockchain Infrastructures In Middle East?

The Middle East has its vision 2030, and it is starting to prepare the nation to achieve that goal.

– Saudi Telecom and ConsenSys are the blockchains in the Middle East.
– Blockchain infrastructures in the Middle East are being boosted.
– Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 is a long-term plan to rebuild the nation’s industry.

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Two cryptocurrency firms in the Middle East are currently being boosted in preparation for Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. An official memorandum has been signed, and the two trading companies made a pact to work hand-in-hand in both designing and building the blockchain technologies.

A leading telecommunication company in Riyadh, STC, was named in the memorandum as the main agency for the ongoing improvements within the country.

Aside from the Middle East, ConsenSys is also Dubai’s advisor for its blockchains, responsible for providing the design and technical advice for the Dubai District.

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