Have You Heard About mCoin?

Have You Heard About mCoin?

There is a cryptocurrency coin that people with no internet connection can use.

– mCoin is the only cryptocurrency coin, so far, that can be used without having to access the internet.
– By statistics, there are about 3 billion people who have no access to the internet.
– mCoin works using any mobile phone and with no internet requirement.

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Approximately half of the people on Earth do not have internet access, that’s roughly 3 billion in the total of people who never go online. So is digital trading impossible for this type of people?

mCoin is here to let people participate in cryptocurrency exchange, even without the internet connection. This new innovation began just last Sunday (May 27) in the United Kingdom. This financial solution lets people use their mobile phone, and do the transaction even without any internet.

This is a breakthrough indeed since a lot of people are often finding the digital trading market unreachable because of the lack of internet connection.

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