Who Are The Leaders In Monero Cryptocurrency?

Who Are The Leaders In Monero Cryptocurrency?

As Monero cryptocurrency is preparing itself to decentralize, there is a new leader that’s emerging.

– Decentralization in cryptocurrency Monero is about to take place.
– A new leader is being foreseen in the Monero digital currency.
– This is not the first time for Monero cryptocurrency to practice decentralization.

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There seems to be a shift in the leadership within Monero cryptocurrency. This shift in leadership is brought about by the decentralization changes that Monero cryptocurrency is about to go through.

Although this isn’t the first time for Monero to decentralize, it may still be a big leap, for now, to decentralize all over again.

Previously, the South African project lead was Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni. He became the unofficial head of the project, mostly because there were no other figures who were interested to take the position.

Currently, the leadership seems to have shifted to its users. There is no one specific individual where the leadership is centered, at the moment.

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