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What Is Coinbase’s Latest Tool For Investors?

Coinbase is preparing new tools for its investors, and it involves the Wall Street market.

– Coinbase is a San Francisco-based company.
– They are well-known for developing tools that entice different investors to join trading platforms.
– One of their latest development involves New York’s Wall Street market.

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The cryptocurrency exchange platform that is responsible for bringing Bitcoin to the people is targeting New York’s Wall Street.

The plan is to infiltrate the exchange platform, to further boost their already growing strong market.

The main focus of this new tool is to invite the interest of institutional clients, more than anything. One specific service that they plan on offering is called Coinbase Prime, which will offer over-the-counter trading, margin financing, and lending.

Coinbase has come very far since they started operations three years ago, in a one-bedroom apartment.

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