29-Year-Old Asked By JP Morgan For Cryptocurrency Strategy

29-Year-Old Asked By JP Morgan For Cryptocurrency Strategy

A young man, who is known to make good cryptocurrency strategies, was selected for a JP Morgan position.

– The 29-year-old is Oliver Harris from London.
– Harris has just been selected as head for JP Morgan’s crypto-asset strategy.
– Previously, Harris ran JP Morgan’s In Residence fintech programme.

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Oliver Harris may just be 29 years of age, but he is now appointed in the new role as head of JP Morgan’s cryptocurrency assets strategy. He will be reporting directly to Umar Farooq, the head of blockchain initiatives at JP Morgan.

Harris has been working with JP Morgan prior to this appointment, as one of the staff for In Residence fintech programme. Harris seemed thrilled with the new role and was proud to announce the new promotion in his LinkedIn account.

JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, is known to have no interest in cryptocurrency, especially in bitcoin. Dimon even called the entire digital marketing platform a fraud.

Recent reports have shown that Dimon has given it a deep thought and has become open-minded with this new trading system.

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