How Is Japan's Campaign Against Cryptocurrency?

How Is Japan’s Campaign Against Cryptocurrency?

Japan is one Asian country who has been showing strong opposition to the cryptocurrency market.

– Money laundering has been reported to shoot up ever since the start of online trading.
– Japan has declared strong opposition against the digital marketplace.
– Japan continues to have difficulties fighting-off the cryptocurrency digital marketplace, which seems to get strong by the year.

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Japan has been pursuing its fight against cryptocurrency, but it’s not an easy path they are taking. They continue to struggle against virtual currency exchange.

Japan has organized their own crime-fighting group, which was so far able to get hold of a case amounting to 30 billion yen, due to overseas exchanges since cryptocurrency started about 3 years ago.

The group dedicated to fighting this crime hold monthly meetings in a small bar, where about 30 of its members discuss updates about their operations.

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