Is this music streaming app founder interested in cryptocurrency?

The co-founder of a music streaming app sets his eyes for cryptocurrency market.

-Jonathan Benassaya is the founder and CEO of Iron Chain Capital
-His company IronChain Capital has produced mutual like funds dedicated for cryptocurrencies
-The fund aims to give investors daily liquidity

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Jonathan Benassaya is the co-founder of a popular music streaming application, Deezer. Before the year ends, Jonathan Benassaya aims to grow the funds by 500 million dollars.

Iron Chain Capital aims to connect the people and cryptocurrency markets. Iron Chain Capital has launched two mutual funds.

On fund is aimed at institutional investors and the other is aimed at US investors. Iron Chain Capital is just one of the fund providers in the cryptocurrency market

The difference of this mutual funds with the other existing fund providers is that it offers daily liquidity at a cheaper price. The other available fund providers are California-based Bitwise Asset Management, Heymeyer Trading, and Grayscale Investments

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