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Is there a cryptocurrency village?

All the residents of a certain village in Ukraine own cryptocurrency money.

-The Ukranian government has no official position in regards with the use of cryptocurrencies
-Several cryptocurrency framework has been proposed in Ukraine but none has been used
-Cryptocurrencies are used in this village  to purchase basic necessities such as food

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Ukrainian village of Elizavetovka of the Petrykivsky district in the Dnipropetrovsk region, residents have their own cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Cardano can be used in this community for purchase

Maxim Golosnoy, the chairman of the village council has bought 13,000 hryvnias or US 494 dollars from Cardano. He is figuring out how to replenish the local budget with the use of cryptocurrency

The villagers can cash out their owns whenever they want to. This project aims to earn money for the community

The cryptocurrency of all the residents are handled by Maxim Golosny

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