Big-Time Businessman Invests Cryptocurrency Markets

Is it possible to store your Bitcoin in a vault?

Most of the time Bitcoin is stored in a wallet to have it secured as possible.

-Nowadays, as more people become drawn into cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency companies are looking for different ways to secure more the currencies
-There is a place wherein Bitcoin can be stored– inside a vault
-A company named Xapo has refined vaults wherein it can store Bitcoins

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One of the benefactors of this project is Mike Novogratz. He is a wall street trader who is known for raising 250 million to be used by a crypto merchant bank.

He is with Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of Linkedin for this project. Hoffman’s firm, Greylock Partners allocated $20million investment in Xapo last 2014.

These vaults created can be stored deep underground. All confidential information is stored on offline servers.

Servers will be protected by people and by security measures. The locations of vaults will help to protect the currencies from any undesirable events.

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