Are People Even Interested With Cryptocurrency?

Are People Even Interested With Cryptocurrency?

A survey by Thomson Reuters was conducted to see if people were interested with cryptocurrency.

– Cryptocurrency currently makes up a small fraction of the entire trading market.
– The latest survey by Thomson Reuters revealed that cryptocurrency market may just increase this year.
– Thomson Reuters has been operating and giving financial operations in more than 100 countries.

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Approximately 20%, that’s the predicted growth rate of cryptocurrency market in the next two to three months. Thomson Reuters did a survey to know the interest rate of people in investing with cryptocurrency, and it found that many are VERY much interested in the digital trading market.

This result may not be a surprise to some, but maybe a huge surprise to a lot of people, considering cryptocurrency has always been surrounded by scandals, scams, and reports of fraudulence.

The participants of the said survey specifically indicated that they are planning on trading in cryptocurrency within this year.

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