How To FAIL in Cryptocurrency Trading

How To FAIL in Cryptocurrency Trading

There are SO MANY pointers on WHAT TO DO to succeed in cryptocurrency, and ONLY A FEW things to remember if you WANT TO FAIL.

– There are many things you should study in order to succeed in crypto.
– Only a few wrong moves, and you will fail though.
It is important to know not only the TO-DOs but also the DON’T-DOs.

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Cryptocurrency never was and never will be like any traditional trading market. Aside from the fact that cryptocurrency assets are volatile and the risks are unavoidable, there’s also the vile traders and unpredictable rise and fall of prices in the market. Trading for veteran players can be very difficult, what more for new players who have no idea what to do and who to trust.

If you browse the internet and read a magazine on articles about cryptocurrency, you might be shocked of the many possible ways to earn success in the industry. However, here are 4 mistakes you must NOT do if you want to succeed.

Mistake #1: Chasing Pumps aka FOMO
Mistake #2: Not Knowing Your Investments
Mistake #3: Selling at Inappropriate Times
Mistake #4: Being Uninformed

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