What Are Hacks And Scams In Cryptocurrency?

What Are Hacks And Scams In Cryptocurrency?

Here are the biggest hacks and scams in cryptocurrency history.

– The internet can be a very dangerous place to keep huge amounts of money.
– Cryptocurrency digital trading platform has had their fair share of hacks in the past months.
– Coming from an underground market, risks and frauds are really prone when dealing with cryptocurrency exchange.

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Cryptocurrency experienced another hack this Monday, as its Verge office got invaded and the assets became vulnerable to the attackers. The hack was not a new one, and it was a familiar scene as well. It almost was similar to the other previous attacks that cryptocurrency has fell victim of.

More than 250,000 coins were placed at a vulnerable spot when the attackers penetrated their system.

This latest incident may just be the wake-up call that the online trading company needs for them to heighten their security measure up one notch, for the safety and security of their investments and investors.

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