Cryptocurrency Firm Hacked... AGAIN!

Cryptocurrency Firm Hacked… AGAIN!

A cryptocurrency firm just got hacked, again.

– Verge cryptocurrency is a private-owned firm.
– They have previously experienced hacking issues in recent months.
– There are claims that Verge has been giving away their user’s IP addresses.

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Just last March, Verge’s Twitter account had experienced compromised securities when it was hacked. Unconfirmed reports claimed that the company has been unknowingly exposing their client’s IP addresses too!

This month, it had another privacy attack, as its systems were again accessed by unwanted hackers. During an investigation, it was revealed that Verge had a DDoS attack, according to its executives.

As a result, the firm experience a downfall in its currency prices by 0.36%, meanwhile their coins have fallen by almost 7% over the past 24 hours. As of writing, Verge ranks as the 31st largest cryptocurrency market worldwide.

Due to the hackings in the past months, Verge is now running tighter security measures to ensure a better privacy setting for their clients and the entire system.

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