What Was Goldman Sachs' Strong Statement Against Bitcoin In 2017?

What Was Goldman Sachs’ Strong Statement Against Bitcoin In 2017?

CEO Goldman Sachs made clear statements against Bitcoin during his interview with Lloyd Blankfein.

– Bloomberg Magazine’s Lloyd Blankfein had an interview with CEO Goldman Sachs on November 2017.
– Goldman Sachs was quoted to call Bitcoins as ‘A Vehicle to Perpetrate Fraud’.
– Recently this year, Goldman Sachs has opened his company to Cryptocurrency trading.

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Bloomberg correspondent, Lloyd Blankfein, quoted Goldman Sachs in an interview last year November saying, “A Vehicle to Perpetrate Fraud”, referring to Bitcoin. This sour and strong statement made it clear that the CEO is not in any way interested in getting himself or his company involved with anything Bitcoin.

Further along the interview, Sachs didn’t consider Bitcoin a currency at the slightest due to its volatility and instability.

Goldman Sachs is the Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs group of company and was reported to have recently launched a cryptocurrency exchange in their company. If back in 2017 he had some very strong opinion AGAINST Bitcoin last year, so what has changed since then?

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