Will Females Make Good Digital Market Players?

Will Females Make Good Digital Market Players?

Would you be surprised to know that there are only about 8.5% Female Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Traders?

– A research was conducted to find out the demographics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency users.
– Majority of traders, regardless of gender, are relatively new and with little or no experience.
– Aside from gender and age group, the occupation of traders was also revealed during the survey.

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Who are the people behind the digital market?

They may be faceless and their identities are kept in private, but just to satisfy the curiosity and to have a better understanding of who their clients are, Etoro conducted a survey to find out just who are the majority of players in cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Etero is among the top seven cryptocurrency companies who operate in the United Kingdom. They formed an independent trade body which was tasked to develop self-regulatory standards.

Avi Mizrahi shows us graphical data presentations of the results of the survey in this article – https://www.bitcoin.com/.