Facebook About To Develop Own Blockchain Technology

Is Facebook About To Develop Own Blockchain Technology?

Facebook has more than 2 billion users, and some reports suggest the company might be interested in creating its own cryptocurrency.

– Facebook recently revealed their desire to create blockchain technology
– A blockchain group within Facebook has been organized for this purpose.
– For now, we can only speculate what the company wants to do with this new technology.

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There have been rumors that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is interested in creating their own cryptocurrency.

David Marcus of Facebook will lead a team exploring the creation of a blockchain.

Marcus was originally the head of Messenger, and he said that he is now ready to take on a new challenge after spending 4 years with Messenger.

Enthusiasts of blockchain said that this is good news and will help address the issues that Facebook is facing, such as privacy.

In fact, just last month, Facebook revealed that around 87 million users have been compromised and exploited by malicious actors.

Blockchain may let users have full control over their data like never before.

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