Is England Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency?

Is England Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency?

One of the things that Bank of England is currently considering is creating their own cryptocurrency.

– Most of the traditional banks are beginning to die because of cryptocurrency.
– The Bank of England is currently thinking of ways to update their banking system.
– One of BOE’s prospect project right now is to create their very own cryptocurrency.

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There have always been great issues that divide traditional banking and innovative bankings that are spurring recently, like cryptocurrency online banking. It is said that online banking is causing conventional banking to lower down in terms of the number of clients.

The Bank of England is not keeping quiet through it all. Currently, they are thinking of new ways to go with the new flow of the finance industry. They are planning on creating their very own cryptocurrency system.

Governor Mark Carney of the Bank of England has announced, during an interview with Bloomberg correspondent, that he is considering the huge decision of making their own digital currency anytime soon.

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