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Does this Wallet application stealing Bitcoin?

The popular wallet of Bitcoin accuses another application of stealing Bitcoins.


-Electrum is the popular wallet of Bitcoin
-Electrum Pro is made to steal private seed keys
-The warning is released to distinguish the original from a fake storage service

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The team behind Electrum warns users about the emergence of another wallet application. The team has warned users that Electrum Pro is a fake service

Electrum has clarified that they do not own Electrum Pro. Electrum has advised its users to search the Bitcoin website for the list of legitimate Bitcoin wallet websites

Electrum has informed their users via Twitter. Electrum company said that they have evidence to prove their allegations

Archive.org and Virus Total has verified the allegation of Electrum company. The team has supported their allegation with verification that shows that Electrum Pro has been infected by malware

This malware is said to be stealing the seed keys of users. The seed keys grant entry to Bitcoins stored in wallet

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