company invested in cryptocurrency

Did this tech publication company invest in cryptocurrency?

A popular technology related publishing company is eyeing on investing in cryptocurrencies.

-Pplware showed their interest in cryptocurrencies by asking readers about the which tokens to buy
-Pplware is a popular technology related publishing company in Portugal
-Pplware started investing in cryptocurrencies

Pplware aims to share its experiences on cryptocurrencies to its audience. The company also aims to teach audiences how to invest properly in cryptocurrencies.

The company used Coinbase to buy Bitcoin using Euros. The company has conducted research on which cryptocurrencies are good to invest in.

It has started investing 30 euros budget. The main objective of this investment is the profitability. Portuguese parliament discussed a framework for payments in cryptocurrency.

Portuguese parliament made move to guarantee user’s safety. Acceptance of cryptocurrency technology is being pushed around the globe

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