millionaires put their money in cryptocurrencies

Did these millionaires put their money in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency has gained the interest of many people including ordinary employees, businessmen and even millionaires.

-As the hype of cryptocurrencies still on, people are looking for advice from investors
-Some investors who have invested in cryptocurrencies do not give advice
-Although, there are some people who have invested in cryptocurrencies are happy to share their secrets

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Different billionaires have different secrets to share about their cryptocurrencies. A billionaire has put up a blog about cryptocurrencies

The blog is a must read for people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. A billionaire remains optimistic even the market declines

A former critic of Mark Zuckerberg is now running their cryptocurrency trading platform. Someone gives long term promises of cryptocurrency

A billionaire admitted that he bought coins priced at $350 each

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