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Who Is Responsible For Cryptocurrency’s Online Security?

A new cryptocurrency mining site is being secured by Fatfish Internet Group.

– A new cryptocurrency mining site in Montreal, Canada will open to about 700 cryptocurrency mining servers.
– This site will be secured by the worldwide-known online security company, Fatfish Internet Group.
– Aside from this site, APAC also plans to acquire more sites in other parts of the world.

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APAC has just acquired a new mining site in Montreal, Canada, and it is expected to start operation in three months’ time. The new site is reported to be secured by Fatfish Internet Group, which is already known to secure different sites in other big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Stockholm, and Singapore.

Part of the APAC, they currently mine Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. All currently located in its mines operation site in Malaysia.

Since cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of energy consumption, it is indeed a good site to have it in Montreal, considering it has hydropower as the source of energy.

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