How Will Cryptocurrency Regulation Affect Investors?

How Will Cryptocurrency Regulation Affect Investors?

Cryptocurrency regulation is currently being pushed by many government agencies. How will it affect its investors?

– Cryptocurrency regulators are constantly catching up their task to prevent fraud and scams.
– Regulations on cryptocurrency may affect the investors greatly.
– It may also have some bad effects on their investments.

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There are many agencies that are keeping a sharp eye on cryptocurrency. Different countries have a different perspective on the new digital trading platform. There are, of course, regulators who constantly monitor the online money industry, to ensure that no illegal activities are happening.

With the tight regulations, it can also lead to negative effects on the investments and eventually, the investors will feel the pain of it all.

In the early part of 2017, cryptocurrency investors rejoiced when their money skyrocketed to a cumulative market value of $750 billion.

This year, 2018, may have a different picture, all because of the regulations.

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