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How will NASDAQ Partnership Boost Cryptocurrency Digital Market?

The very first NASDAQ-powered crypto exchange DX will go live June this year.

– Finance Magnates has confirmed that the very first Nasdaq-powered cryptocurrency exchange will launch next month.
– The term “DX” refers to the combination of NASDAQ and crypto practices.
– The partnership is expected to support top coins in the market.

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The first few coins to get supported by the partnership are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. To follow are more than 25 more coins in the next few months during the second phase of the project. Aside from these top coins, there are also plans of including smaller coins in the list.

The opportunity of combining NASDAQ and cryptocurrency practice will make it an advantage in terms of the branding, the systems, and the policies.

Upon the launch of the partnership, traders are not to expect any additional fees during trading procedures, a monthly membership fee will be charged to them instead, which is expected to be around 10 euros.

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