Warning: A Cryptocurrency Investor Just Lost $60 Million in Bitcoin

Warning: A Cryptocurrency Investor Just Lost $60 Million in Bitcoin

Investors often take risks but at the back of their minds, they always hope for a return and never a loss of investment.

– James Howell is a 32-year-old cryptocurrency investor who lost $60 million in Bitcoin.
– In an interview with the New York Post, James Howell never got his money back.
– Howell lost his investment due to an unexpected technical problem.

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In 2013, James Howell lost $60 million worth of investment in Bitcoin. Ever since then, he was unable to get his money back. Howell just switched to being a full-time cryptocurrency investor that time. He has been investing in Bitcoin since it started way back in 2009.

The prices when he purchased his investment were super low, that Howell did not think highly of his investment. In fact, he just ignored his Bitcoin profiles and accounts, since there were no individual mining in cryptocurrency that time.

When the prices skyrocketed in 2013, Howell tried to retrieve his Bitcoin account and files from a flash drive, but sadly could not do so anymore.

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