Cryptocurrency Investors Hold Protest In India

Cryptocurrency Investors Hold Protest In India

In India, cryptocurrency investors are protesting against the ban imposed by the Indian government against the digital marketplace.

– The domestic market of India is banning the entire cryptocurrency market.
– Indian cryptocurrency community is not keeping its silence.
– The protest has led to several court hearings in the past.

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Since the Reserve Bank of India has banned and won’t entertain any transactions that involve the cryptocurrency digital market, the cryptocurrency investors have decided to voice out their concerns through protests, saying that the ban is violating their fundamental rights.

Protesters believe the government of India should start opening new opportunities that will allow further growth and development of the nation. They think that hindering the investors from participating in cryptocurrency, would be a wasted opportunity for their assets to possibly grow.

The protest did not stop in written letters though, as court hearings were proceeded, because the cryptocurrency community is persistent to claim their right to legally access the digital exchange market within their motherland.

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