Newly-Appointed Cryptocurrency CEO Resigns

Cryptocurrency Detractors Count Down Digital Market’s Viability

Being new to the trading market, cryptocurrency and bitcoin markets are bound to have detractors.

– Steve Eisman speaks with no holds bar about his doubts and criticism against the digital market
– Digital market assets are known to be volatile.
– When success hits the market, however, it is a thousand-fold higher.

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Steve Eisman not only speaks ill against cryptocurrency, he also places a huge bet against the Deutsche Bank. Claiming that the bank has long been incapable of having the right technology and fundings to sustain great asset values for a long time. Eisman even accused the digital market to be “undercapitalized”.

Eisman is well-known for being one of those rare investors who were able to profit when he bet against subprime mortgage companies during the financial crisis.

During the CFA’s yearly conference in Hong Kong, Eisman did not hold back when he released strong words against cryptocurrency.

Read his full statements in this CNBC article.