Cryptocurrency Market Has No Chance In Wall Street?

How Will Decentralization Affect Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What could be the main reason behind the sudden change of cryptocurrency exchanges from centralized to decentralized?

– Even the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the global market are hackable.
– There are ways to boost security and avoid intrusion or online theft.
– The main difference between centralized and decentralized crypto exchange.

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When security systems are not so good, any online platform can be vulnerable to intruders. Even Bithumb has experienced large-scale hacking attacks in the past.

Both vendors and big-time scale traders should never rely on crypto exchanges that are centralized especially since their passwords are saved in one place – the centralized servers. In the event of hacking, users lose not only their funds but also their pass codes.

With this in mind, many big-time digital trading platforms are considering the safety huge amounts of funds.

Joseph Young writes the purpose and effect of shifting to crypto exchanges that are decentralized: