Newly-Appointed Cryptocurrency CEO Resigns

Newly-Appointed Cryptocurrency CEO Resigns

Are CEOs of cryptocurrency digital market realizing the big mistake in joining the company?

– The newest and soon-to-be-center of operation’s office recently launched in Malta.
– CEO Chris Lee of this newly-launched Malta cryptocurrency office resigns.
– Cryptocurrency is starting to outplace Binance in the digital marketplace.

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Cryptocurrency Malta office CEO (Chief Executive Office) Chris Lee, just resigned. The said office is supposed to be the main and center office for the company. The trading market was reported to have trade volumes that are beginning to overtake one of its main competitors, Binance.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chris Lee left made a huge and difficult decision to resign from cryptocurrency digital market because he wanted to start a new life. He also stated, through his spokesman, that he had the greatest pleasure and honor to have worked in one of the most promising trading platforms in history.

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