Cryptocurrency Might Be Linked With Cannabis Industry? How?

Cryptocurrency Might Be Linked With Cannabis Industry? How?

Could cryptocurrency be giving way to the start of cashless marijuana transactions?

– In the United States, legal marijuana industry has always been a cash-basis transaction.
– Many experts fear that maybe cryptocurrency will open the way for cannabis industry to shift to cash-less.
– The implications for the safety and the tracking of transactions are huge.

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With high hopes of making the most of the digital trading system, the cryptocurrency company has always been thinking of ways to innovate and step up the game. During the CoinDesk conference this year in New York City, a lot of experts raised their belief that perhaps cryptocurrency is the answer to the long-standing marijuana transaction problems.

Cannabis businesses are reported to be generating a whopping $61 million for California alone, and this is just during the first quarter of the year.

So from the strict cash-only transaction, which is full of a hassle for most users, cryptocurrency may just make it easier for the possibility of online transaction and cash-less trading.

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